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   HR Consulting
N&H Japan provide over all HR planning services.

Performance Review
Fair evaluation of employees' performance is very important for company's long term development. N&H Japan will create Performance Evaluation Program as well as Bonus Evalutioan Program. N&H Japan will create program according to the company needs. Usually our method includes self-evaluation process by employees.

Compensation and Job Grading
N&H Japan create Salary Program (Salary Table) and Job Grading Program which match with client's strategy.
Our method is higly efficient in terms of labor incentives of money paid. We wll coach your HR staff in actual application of new HR programs which includes salary increase and promotion.

Job Description
To clarify job authorization and responsibility is starting point for appraisal of performance review and compensation. Based on research and investigation of all jobs, N&H Japan create job description per each employee.

Overseas HR Program
Expatriate employees need different HR program than domestic employees as standard of living and hardship are different. N&H Japan create overall Overseas HR Program.

Other than above, we are happy to support Personal Interviews, Recruitment and Employee Benefit, etc.. Please feel free to contact us.
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