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International companies are urged not only to raise efficiency but also reinforce internal control by stake-holders. Do you have enough time and staff? Our well trained consultants will solve your problems.

(Business Process Reengineering)

・N&H Japan consultants and your employees (Team) investigate inefficiencies and bottle necks in work procedures and workflows.
・Team create ideas for improvement. Ideas include new systems, outsourcing jobs, etc.. All ideas are linked with reduciton in positions and work hours.
・Implementation risk is evaluated among related parties and consensus is made. Consultant will supervise progress in implementation period.

BPR for Particular Area
(Example) Accounting Area
・Consultant investigate problems and evaluation on adverse effect on financial statement is made.  
・Accounting systems and data are examined.
・All work processes which influence accounting are examined.  
・Consultant create counter measures and implement.
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